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Factors that Contribute to Different Gold Prices in Different States of India

gold price depends on which factors in india
gold price depends on which factors in india

Gold is a very sought-after metal not only for jewellery and investment purposes but also for manufacturing specific electronic and medical devices. However, while no doubt that gold is a safe investment mode, it is also a very useful commodity at the end of the day. Therefore, like any other commodity, gold prices also follow the same economic principle- the more the demand, the more the cost. From time immemorial, gold prices have gradually shown a steady increase. However, it will be wrong to assume that the gold price has always only been steadily increasing.

gold price depends on which factors in india

The sacred yellow metal is considered to be a safe investment in the long run. Still, the price volatility of gold cannot be dropped out of the question. As there are multiple stages from bringing gold from mines to the final buyer, multiple factors contribute to the price calculation of gold. Higher inflation also worries investors, as they fear that the rise in inflation will erode the value of their investments.

For us, gold and silver are the most complicated assets to price. Stocks, currencies and other commodities mostly depend on fundamental data of the stock, the country or on physical demand and supply of the commodity. This what many call the “production/demand/inventory formula”.

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Even though new production might seem modest compared to the total supply, production costs can influence the cost of all gold in the world. A common reason cited for holding gold is as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. Currency values fluctuate, but gold values, in terms of what an ounce of gold can buy, might stay more stable in the long term. Because gold holds value outside of politics—it is valued the world over—gold is attractive as a low-risk, solid investment in the midst of floundering currencies. Investors may feel encouraged to buy gold when they believe the value of their paper money will decline.

Thus, a depreciating rupee could hurt the demand for gold in India. However, with a decrease in the interest rate, people prefer buying more gold, resulting in an increase in its demand, and its price. One should take into account all of the relevant factors affecting gold prices before gold price depends on which factors in india jumping into the trajectory of gold investors. Personal investment plan and risk appetite should be appraised prior to expanding hard-earned money. With an annual demand equal to approx 25 percent of the entire global physical demand, India stands as one of the largest gold consumers.

The money supply is the entire stock of a nation’s currency and other liquid instruments that is in circulation at a given time. Inflation is a decrease in the purchasing power of money, reflected in a general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy. Rashi Maheshwari is a Deputy Editor for Forbes Advisor India. She has more than a decade of experience working in news, public relations and communications. In the past, she has worked with CNBC Awaaz, CryptoWire, among others and has covered beats including insurance, personal investments and cryptocurrency.

However, since India majorly imports its gold, when the global rates rise in the market, the value of the Indian rupee declines. Because gold prices tend to rise when people lack confidence in governments or financial markets, it often gets called acrisis commodity. World events often have an impact on the price of gold because gold is viewed as a source of safety amid economic or geopolitical tumult. For example, the price of gold spiked right after the Russians moved into the Ukraine as people became uncertain about geopolitical stability in the region. In other cases, military action may actually increase reassurance with geopolitical situations. For example, the gold price softened at the beginning of Gulf War I. The bottom line is that political chaos equates to more interest in gold as a safe haven.

gold price depends on which factors in india

Therefore you will get them at discounted prices, this naturally reduces the price for the buyer. In economic turbulent times, gold has long been seen as a safe haven asset. Demand and supply for physical gold and silver diverted sharply. Annual gold production totals no more than 2,500 to 3,000 tonnes per year, meaning that increases to the gold stock take place very slowly, certainly not fast enough to keep pace with growing demand. And with gold mining becoming ever more difficult and resource-intensive, primary gold production is expected to level off or even decline in the coming years. Here is looking at major reasons that determine the price of gold in India.

One reason is that China and, even more, India have a strong gold and silver tradition and massively increased their physical purchases. The Indian savings rate is over 20%, a bigger part of savings move into gold. In the 1960s, however, gold became relatively cheap because U.S. inflation was high, while the gold-dollar exchange rate at 35$ per ounce remained stable. U.S. president Nixon closed this cheap gold window in 1971 that marked the start of flexible exchange rates. But with rising interest rates in the mid 1960s, central banks started to sell gold holdings and invested in income-yielding government bonds and cash holdings at other central banks instead .

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Nor do they know that gold has outperformed stock markets on an even larger time horizon, since the closure of the gold window in 1971. Gold is a fascinating investment asset that every investor should know about. Once the economy began to improve, the gold price leveled off and largely fluctuated within a relatively narrow range. But now that we’re in the middle of a trade war, a slowing economy, and on the cusp of a stock market crash, gold is once again breaking out and beginning to climb. The worse the economic data looks, the higher the gold price will rise. One of the biggest drivers of the gold price is economic uncertainty.

Karvy Group, a pioneer in the financial sphere with 3 decades of experience has redefined it by means of innovation, technology and customer centric approach. Its businesses straddle the entire financial services spectrum, renewable energy, data analytics, data management services and many more. Demand for gold is interwoven with culture, tradition, desire for beauty and financial protection in India. Gold is always considered as a very important monetary asset across the world. They are emotionally attached to gold as it has been used as status symbol in weddings and occasions, it also adds religious sentiments.

Hence if you’re wondering why gold price is rising, demand-supply conditions may be one of the reasons. Gold jewellery has been one of the primary modes through which Indians have parled their money. Over the years, investing in gold has evolved as an ideal hedge for volatile markets as a lot of times stocks and gold move in either directions. As gold prices react to inflation, Indians prefer to invest in gold.

When, however, U.S. unemployments falls, then the dollar appreciates and the Fed becomes more optimistic. Oil and commodities prices fall because investments in particular in EM become more expensive and with lower oil prices the US trade deficits diminishes . The gold share of EM central banks is still relatively low today, whereas it is very high for many European countries. Between 2010 and 2012 more and more central banks in EM reduced their dollar share and bought gold instead.

  • The Reserve Bank of India holds gold reserves along with currency, and when RBI begins to buy more quantities of gold than it sells, it results in an increase in the gold price.
  • Demand and supply for physical gold and silver diverted sharply.
  • Sell your gold in these seasons can prove to be beneficial for you.
  • It must be noted that a major portion of India’s gold demand is met through imports.
  • If the demand for gold increases, the price increases since the supply is relatively scarce.

On the other hand, when the interest rates rise, people sell their gold and invest in deposits to earn high interest leading to a drop in demand and price. When the inflation rates rise, the value of the currency decreases. Also, most other investment avenues fail to deliver inflation-beating returns. Even if high rates of inflation last for an extended period, gold acts as a perfect hedge since it is not affected by fluctuations in the value of the currency. The ‘London Gold Fix’ is a globally recognised authority that sets the gold price twice a day. This is the global benchmark, used as a reference price by miners, central banks, jewellers and the financial industry to trade in gold.

The gold price you see on My Gold Guide is the base price for gold on a particular day. There are several other factors that influence the price of gold jewellery you purchase at a store. This includes the making and wastage charges, cost of adding alloys and/or premium charged by jewellers for purity or brand. Apart from the above factors listed below there are other similar factors too like the production of gold and its subsequent production cost that influence the price of this metal. However, the bottom line to keep in mind is that no matter how numerous the factors affecting gold rate may appear, ultimately it all boils down to the demand-supply game.

What are the factors that affect the price of gold?

The value of gold remains stable in the long run, and is thus looked at as a favourable option when other assets lose their value. Furthermore, uncertainty, unlike other factors influencing gold price, isn’t a quantifiable statistic, and is more psychological. The supply of gold in the country is affected by government reserves.


Further, if you travel to some small semi-urban/rural city, you may find that the jewellers also quote the price of 22k with GST and non-GST. Its price is later converted to Indian rupees as per Reserve Bank of India guidelines.

Traditionally, there is a surge in jewellery demand during the festive and wedding seasons, leading to a rally in gold prices. While the demand for gold has a role to play in its price, there are several other factors that have a bearing on it as well. Though gold prices are susceptible to market fluctuations, they have better endurance compared to other commodities.

Gold is a crisis asset and retains its value through financial and geopolitical uncertainties. Last year, gold rallied majorly when equity markets had taken a massive hit, due to the effects of the coronavirus crisis. It is a hedge against inflation as typically the value of gold rises when the cost-of-living increases. Other factors, like premia/ discount on the landed price, market trends and government policies also determine the spot price of gold in the Indian market. The price of gold is generally inversely related to the value of the U.S. dollar because the metal is dollar-denominated. Gold is highly sought after, not just for investment purposes and to make jewelry but also for use in the manufacturing of certain electronic and medical devices.

Therefore, less of supply is another factor for changes in gold rates. Inflationary pressures in the world economy are positive drivers of gold prices. Under normal circumstances, gold and dollar share an inverse relationship. Since international gold is dollar denominated, any weakness in the dollar pushes up gold prices and vice versa. The inverse relationship is because firstly, a falling dollar increases the value of currencies of other countries.

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Gold tariffs are announced once in fortnight considering the price of gold in the international market. Gold rates today in different cities are different the variation may be due to logistics, local charges etc. Gold rate variation in cities are generally low, there is an alternate way to buy gold through known sources where you will see gold rates across locations.

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